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Predicaments - 0

( - , Mistério)

1986 - 61min

Data de Lançamento: 07/02/1986
When last we left the Flatt Marble Company, George Flatt had a gorgeous new secretary. She had George dreaming. She had Slate, his son, scheming. She had Aggie, George's long-suffering wife, steaming. Then she walked in...Fetisha! What's the Flatt family to do? Will Slate get the girl? If so, which one? Where does that leave George? Will he lose his wife? Or just his marbles? Tune in and if you play your cards right. you'll get out of all these...and more...Predicaments. You'll become part of the story. Just answer the questions these wild characters ask you and earn points which move you around the game board. Be the first one around the board twice and you win the game!
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