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Frauenherzen - 6


2014 - 93min

Data de Lançamento: 14/01/2014
Five women, five lifestyles that could not be any different: her career at an agency takes top priority for business woman Fe, even over her relationship. Charlie, a single Mom raising a three year-old daughter remains the "permanent" intern and hairdresser Mandy is a chocoholic longing to be skinny and dreaming of a man to settle down with, whereas single lady Frieda meets men daily but stomps out any emotions before they even arise due to her fear of commitment. And then there is Karo, the mother hen, who discovers that her husband is seeing another woman. Or is he? The five stories of these women all tell a tale of life in Berlin. Strange at times, desperate too, and even tragic - yet in the end, they all find a new perspective on life
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