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foto do ator Tim Shelburne

Tim Shelburne

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Tim Shelburne is a bi-coastal actor based in New York. Described as "disappearing into dynamic and emotionally charged roles", best exemplified in Netflix's "Here Love Lies" with a shocking transformation from vulnerable rom-com love interest to a calculating serial killer, he has a reputation for always delivering and cultivating deep skills in martial arts, fluency in multiple languages, and a distinctly "yes-and" attitude to life. Most recently, Tim has been honored with a nomination for Best Actor in the Best of Nollywood Awards for the lead in "Here Love Lies" (dir. Tope Oshin), seen on Lifetime as the leading man in "The Perfect In-Laws" (dir. Ashley Jones), and winner of Best Actor in the Milan IFF for the lead role in "Chinese Laundry" (dir. Giorgio Arcelli), which is on the shortlist for the Oscars Best Shorts. He also appeared in "Rumba Love" (Showtime), "A Merry Single Christmas" (Peacock), "FBI: Most Wanted" (CBS), and "Mind Over Murder" (HBO). When not on camera, Tim spends his time writing, directing, traveling, and in the boxing ring.